Single-Axis Gauges: TLAser122™, TLAser122s™, TLAser130s™, TLAser160s™, TLAser1120s™, and TLAser1240s™

Multi-Strand, Flexible Mounting Options, and More

Versatility is an important feature of LaserLinc’s single-axis scanning laser micrometers. These micrometer s cover a vast range of manufacturing needs, with part sizes ranging from .0015" (.038mm) to 9.45" (240mm), and speeds from 400 measurements-per-second up to 4,000. They are ideal if you are looking for diameter, width, or thickness of any product, product position, or multi-strand diameter. They are also suitable for pipe and bar rolling mill applications. And by combining (stacking) micrometer s you can measure larger product.


The TLAser122, with its advanced prism-based scanning technology, is designed to be extremely repeatable, accurate, compact, and affordable. It’s a great choice for multi-strand measurement of products such as enameled wire and monofilament.

This model is also well-suited for bench-top inspection—visit our Off-Line Testing Systems page for systems that combine the TLAser122 with an auto rotating zero chuck and specialized LaserLinc BenchLinc software to give you excellent table-top part-inspection.

TLAser160s with multi-strand simulation.

S-Gauges: Split Transmitter/Receiver Laser Micrometers

The S-Gauges—TLAser122s™, TLAser130s™, TLAser160s™, TLAser1120s™, and TLAser1240s™—are laser micrometers with split transmitter and receiver housings. They provide incredible flexibility, accuracy, plus high-speed scanning (for each micrometer’s specifications, please see the table on the last page).

Except for its two-part housing, the TLAser122s micrometer is identical to the TLAser122. Separating the transmitter and receiver in their own respective units enables adjustable mounting distances (on a rail) for measuring larger products or multiple assemblies.

Extra separation of transmitter and receiver is also beneficial where there is high heat emanating from the product to be measured or from machinery near the point of measurement.

The transmitter and receiver can also be attached to separate stands, in any orientation, allowing full freedom of part movement through the gauge. In addition, the micrometer -rail mounting can be rotated to an angle that best suits the product being measured.

Air purges or window guards may be attached to the transmitter, receiver, or both, as needed, to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments.


The multi-strand option in Total Vu™ software offers 100% inspection of a virtually unlimited number of strands, using one or more micrometers. You can measure multiple strands simultaneously to assure precise and complete inspection on multi-die extrusion, optical ribbon fiber, magnet wire, or monofilament production lines.

Single-Axis/Many Uses


Large diameter products


Extremely hot products

Product height

Gap measurement

Control Systems Interface

If your process is regulated by a PLC or other process control system, LaserLinc’s SmartLinc™ processor offers a simple and affordable data-only interface to integrate LaserLinc’s laser micrometers into your system. The processor communicates via EtherNet/IP or as ASCII data over an Ethernet or serial connection to the PLC. A single unit provides a communications link for one, two, or three of LaserLinc’s micrometers.

Please go here for more information about our SmartLinc processor.

Fitting Your Needs

For the past 15 years, LaserLinc has outfitted companies like yours with the tools to reduce scrap, save material, increase production efficiency, and improve quality. Let us show you how LaserLinc can address your measurement and quality needs.

A note about model numbers. The name of a LaserLinc micrometer indicates the number of scanning axes and the maximum measurement size, therefore a TLAser160 has one scanning axis and a 60mm gate size.

LaserLinc’s laser and ultrasonic measurement systems are certified to North American safety standards including UL, ANSI, CSA, ASTM, and NFPA.