Who We Are & What We Do

LaserLinc manufactures non-contact laser and ultrasonic systems for measuring inside and outside diameter, wall thickness, lobing, and other characteristics, for industries including wire, cable, fiber, hose, tube, pipe, and centerless grinding. The hardware pairs with LaserLinc's sophisticated, yet operator-friendly measurement/data processing package—Total Vu™ software—which runs on any Windows-based PC.

Total Vu software provides in-process tolerance checking, trending, SPC, feedback control, data logging, recipes, defect detection, and other features. These tools reduce scrap, increase production efficiency, and improve quality. Options are available for monitoring other variables—pressures, temperatures, loads, speeds, etc.—to provide a complete view of your process, to identify problems early, and to facilitate improvements. 

Laser and Ultrasonic Measurement

Our systems are available in a variety of configurations and sizes, with laser scan micrometers of one, two, and three axes, plus our ultrasonic wall thickness measurement device, the UltraGauge+™.  Our line of scanners covers a wide range of product diameters, from .035mm (.0014") to 240mm (9.4"), and includes very compact models and also the highest measurement rates available. Split transmitter/receiver models offer flexibility and precision for multi-strand applications, and the three-axis Triton™ series provides accurate ovality measurement regardless of product orientation. With the UltraGauge+, you can measure wall thickness at up to eight positions with up to 2000 measurements per second.

If you have a laser micrometer from another manufacturer, you can combine it with LaserLinc's micrometers by adding the TLAser400™ card and compatibility modules, which provide the interface from micrometer to PC for all LaserLinc micrometers and most other manufacturers.

LaserLinc systems give you the picture you need of the products you make—in real-time, with real-time charts, graphical cross-section display, and measurements in configurable, easy-to-read panels.

Innovation and Support

LaserLinc means innovation. LaserLinc means customization. It’s nice when someone comes in, buys something off the shelf, and inserts it into their production line. But let’s face it: not everyone has the same needs. Two companies using identical laser scan micrometer or the UltraGauge+ can have completely different fixturing and positioning needs. And we’re happy to accommodate. LaserLinc’s design staff can turn around a new mounting device or transducer array in the same amount of time it takes a larger company to schedule a meeting to talk about getting started.

And our service and support are unequaled—all LaserLinc micrometers and the UltraGauge+ digital signal processing unit have a four-year warranty, parts and labor, and we offer free lifetime technical support.

Should your micrometer need warranty repair, in virtually all cases, a temporary replacement will be shipped to you overnight. We also have the option of remote desktop interface with our support staff to pinpoint and resolve issues.