UltraGauge+™ Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement

LaserLinc Changes The Product Inspection Frequency

Measurable Product Types and Wall Thickness Ranges

.001" – 1.0"
(.025mm – 25mm)
For some plastics such as Teflon, the UltraGauge+ can measure product as small as 0.0005"/.0127mm.
.001" – 1.0"
(.025mm – 25mm)
Glass Tubing
.004" – 1.0"
(.1mm – 25mm)
Metal Tubing
.003"/.076mm minimum
Including stainless steel and Nitinol.

LaserLinc unveiled the UltraGauge+™ non-contact ultrasonic measurement system in 2008, achieving immediate interest and acclaim—including selection as a Top Product by Wire & Cable Technology International magazine.

With the UltraGauge+ system, users can measure product walls in-process, enabling early detection of flawed product and elimination of costly product waste.

UltraGauge+ Measurement System Features

Up to 2000 measurements per second; accurate to ±0.001mm (±0.000040˝).

Dual closed-loop, adaptive control with automatic shrinkage compensation and material savings.

Supports one to eight transducers for up to eight wall thickness measurements, or operates as two independent four-transducer systems.

Other measurements include wall concentricity, ID, and OD (w/laser micrometer).

Trending, advanced SPC, histograms and x-bar/range charts for process improvement and documenting product quality.

Measures multi-layered product.

Measures Nitinol.

Transducer fixtures include built-in water purge to keep air away from transducers.

Encoder enables correlation of product dimension with length.

Low cost, standard Ethernet connection to host.

Compliant with IP65 enclosure standards and RoHS standards.

UltraGauge+ system power requirements: 115 or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz 50 W max, factory-configured.

The UltraGauge+ measurement system consists of a digital signal processor (DSP), transducer fixture, and optional laser micrometer; the DSP connects to a PC via Ethernet. The PC software offeres dynamic waveform graphs and product cross-sections and our UltraLock™ Auto Setup enable you to get your system up and running quickly.

Transducer fixtures are available in a variety of sizes, with frequencies ranging from 2.5 MHz up to 50 MHz (frequency is dependent on the material that is to be measured).

In a typical setup of the UltraGauge+ system, the transducers mount in a product’s cooling tank; transducers can also mount in a vacuum tank or in a special tank from LaserLinc.

To build a picture of a product, the transducers emit acoustic pulses (pings), receive the pulses’ echoes, and convert them to measurements. The software takes the measurements and presents them in a graphical interface, giving you the data you need to monitor your process.

Access these capabilities and more—make the UltraGauge+ YOUR Top Product for in-process non-destructive, wall-thickness measurement!

LaserLinc’s laser and ultrasonic measurement systems are certified to North American safety standards including UL, ANSI, CSA, ASTM, and NFPA.

Cross-section window showing ID/OD and average wall thickness with (left) one-layer product and (right) two-layer product.

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