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Increase Production Efficiency And Increase Profits.

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Here’s a basic equation: increased production efficiency = increased profits. And that—production efficiency—is what defines LaserLinc and Total Vu™ software.

Total Vu is a sophisticated, yet operator-friendly measurement/data processing package that runs on any Windows-based PC.

Depending on the hardware, you can use Total Vu for measuring OD, ID, and wall thickness, lobing, and other characteristics, for wire, cable, fiber, hose, tube, pipe, centerless grinding, and many other industries. Total Vu provides in-process tolerance checking, trending, SPC, feedback control, FFT and SRL, data logging, recipes, defect detection, glass logic for measuring transparent and translucent material, and many other features. Options are available for monitoring other variables—pressures, temperatures, loads, speeds, etc.—to provide a complete view of the process, to identify problems early, and to facilitate improvements. These tools reduce scrap, increase production efficiency, and improve quality.

Changing the Landscape

TLAser400 card compatibility modules.

In 1996, when LaserLinc introduced Total Vu and the TLAser400™ micrometer interface card, we transformed the way businesses like yours process your measurement data. The TLAser400 card, brings the processing power of a standard Windows PC to your shop floor. Gone is need for a dedicated processor for each micrometer from each manufacturer.

And since its inception, Total Vu has continued to advance, adding features and capabilities unavailable to those using the dedicated processors common to other micrometers.

Make Your Old Hardware Better

Laser scan micrometers are a considerable investment for any company. We believe we make the best ones out there. But we understand that no one wants to discard perfectly good equipment. With the TLAser400 card, you can gain the power of Total Vu and keep your old micrometers. All you have to do is add a micrometer -specific module to the TLAser400 card, insert the card into an empty slot in your PC, attach the cable from your micrometer , and you’re in business. You can mix and match micrometers from several manufacturers.

Ease Of Configuration

You can also tailor your displays to serve your operators most effectively, by presenting only the information they need to perform their tasks. Using the standard PC's ability to support multiple monitors, you can put as much information on display for the operator as needed with minimum expense.

Ease of Connectivity

With our constant committment to innovation, in 2014 we introduced the NetLinc™ micrometer interface, which enables transmission of measurement data via a standard Ethernet cable.

More Features!

With closed-loop control you can optimize your production with automat adjustments in response to real-time data. Total Vu software's control feature can automatically monitor the trend in your product and change the designated parameter—such as line speed, extruder RPM, vacuum level, or roll stand position—to maintain the desired product size.

By applying Profit Maximizer™ to monitor your process you can change the product's target dimension to minimize material usage while ensuring that the product remains within customer specifications.

Wherever Total Vu is on the job, it quickly wins the confidence and praise of line operators, production and process engineers, and plant managers. Why wait?

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