µLinc™ Processor

Optimize Your Production Line With A µLinc

µLinc front (top) and back (bottom). Note: configuration of rear panel varies, depending on package needed.

(H x W X D)
8.25˝ x 16˝ x 12.6˝*
(209.5mm x 406.4mm x 320mm)
Power requirements
115 or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz 400 W max, factory-configured.
*Depth given is with handles; depth without handles is 11˝ (279.4mm).

µLinc with rack-mounting kit.

LaserLinc designed the µLinc™ processor specifically for integration with laser and ultrasonic measurement systems. It has connectors for all system I/O conveniently located on the back of the unit, for scanning laser micrometers, encoder input, and an UltraGauge+™ wall thickness system.

Adding the µLinc to one of LaserLinc's measurement and control packages gives you a turn-key system that installs cleanly and quickly. 

The µLinc also includes detachable screw terminals for digital inputs, relay outputs, and analog input and output. The unit uses standard computer components and runs LaserLinc's Total Vu™ software.

Other options include dual-video output, dual-LAN ports (with UltraGauge+ installations), internal 24 VDC power, and redundant, fault-tolerant storage. The µLinc has a variety of mounting kits: rack, DIN-rail, handles, and rubber feet.

The µLinc can also be configured to work with laser micrometers from other manufacturers, using the TLAser400™ micrometer interface card. With the TLAser400 card, you can eliminate processors that are costly to buy and repair, allowing you to minimize capital investment while bringing the latest measurement/data processing and control technology to the plant floor.

if you wish to install the µLinc in your electronics rack, mounting kits are available.

µLinc mounting drawings.

Rack-mount µLinc drawings.