Lobing Detection System:
Innovative Real-Time Solution for Lobing Problems

Top: Lobex system, bottom: Lobing profile showing both 3-lobing and 5-lobing in a part. Click for larger image.

Lobex™: THE Solution For Lobing-Detection In Centerless Grinding

Lobing is deviation from roundness on a centerless ground part—an issue for anyone who produces or uses centerless-ground product.

LaserLinc’s Lobex Lobing Detection System is a real-time tool for detection and elimination of lobing problems. That's right, with Lobex you can detect lobing as it occurs.

The system can identify 3-, 5-, 7-, 9- or 11-lobing on centerless ground products as they exit a grinder. This means an operator can make the necessary adjustments to the grinder to bring the product back into spec, saving time and material.

Lobex is also ideal for offline inspection.

A Lobex system provides repeatable data, unlike tri-mike testing, which is inconsistent and prone to user-error. The Lobex software can also identify higher-frequency lobing. Tri-mikes under-report 5-lobing, and compounding the error, 5-lobing in a product masks tri-lobing.

The Lobex system combines one of LaserLinc’s 3-axis laser scan micrometers with Total Vu™ software. The software includes polar charts, trend charts, data logging, alarms, SPC, and customizable reports. Total Vu is LaserLinc’s sophisticated, yet operator-friendly measurement/data processing package—which runs on any Windows-based PC.

Lobex micrometers include the Triton312, Triton330, Triton331, and Triton360. The choice of micrometer will depend upon the process and product diameter.

Lobex micrometers include a four-year warranty, parts and labor, and we offer free lifetime technical support. In virtually all cases, a temporary replacement will be shipped to you overnight if your micrometer needs warranty repair.

Lobex Specifications

Measurement Range
Diameters from .004" (0.102mm) up to 2.07" (52.6mm)*
Maximum Part Spinning
*Scanner will vary depending on size of material and speeds needed for testing.

For information and specs on a particular micrometer, please visit the Triton page.

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To prove what the Lobex system can do, interested parties can send LaserLinc a sample for a free test.

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