In-Line Diameter/
Ovality Measurement
and Defect Detection

Simultaneous Multi-Part/Multi-
Strand DiameterMeasurement
and Flaw Detection

Off-Line Piece-
Part Inspection

Metal and Plastic

Profile Measurement

Who We Are & What We Do

LaserLinc is THE preeminent manufacturer of highly-accurate/highly-adaptable non-contact laser and ultrasonic measurement systems. Our devices measure OD, ID, wall thickness, eccentricity, concentricity, and other characteristics, for industries including wire, cable, fiber, hose, tube, pipe, centerless grinding.

And our service and support are unequaled—all LaserLinc micrometers and ultrasonic digital signal processers have a four-year warranty, parts and labor, and we offer free lifetime technical support.

To learn more about LaserLinc and our measurement systems, keep reading.

Laser and Ultrasonic Measurement

LaserLinc offers single-, dual-, and triple-axis scanning laser micrometers for diameter and ovality measurement of parts from .035mm (.0014") and up. Flaw detection, part profiling, accurate diameter and ovality measurement, and multi-strand capabilities are just a few of the advantages our micrometers offer. Top this off with the industry’s fastest measurement rates and compact, space saving models to meet your demanding application requirements!

The UltraGauge+ wall thickness system uses ultrasonic technology to measure wall thickness from .0005" up to 2" on products ranging in diameter from .01" and up. Measure tubes at up to 8 points around the circumference, or scan the entire surface pinpointing minimum and maximum wall thicknesses.

Interface Flexibility

Realize the cost-effectiveness and functionality of a Windows PC by connecting your new gauge directly to it. Then harness the power of Total Vu™ measurement and control software to put YOU in control of how the system will feel and function. With a complete and real-time view of your process, operators can easily identify problems early and take corrective actions before difficulties arise. Data can be stored, processes can be controlled, and products can be sorted or flagged based on in/out-of-spec conditions.

For direct communications to a PLC or other process control system, plug your LaserLinc micrometer into our new SmartLinc™ processor. Communicate with the gauge via EtherNet/IP, Ethernet UDP, RS232, or ask us about one of the many other industrial protocols.

Universal Access

Our TLAser400™ processor provides a unique PCI interface that enables your older laser micrometers from other manufacturers to take advantage of Total Vu software’s valuable features.  With it, you can standardize on a single plant-wide measurement interface to meet the specific application requirements.

Innovation and Customization

LaserLinc realizes that off-the-shelf solutions rarely work well in today's complex manufacturing facilities. For this reason, we've engineered flexibility into our measurement systems as well as into our company as a whole. Tell us what you need and we'll work with you to provide a solution. LaserLinc's experienced design staff can turn around custom equipment in the same amount of time it takes a larger company to schedule a meeting to talk about it.

Partnerships and Support

Customer support has been fundamental to our success. We realize it is also the key to our continued success and your future business. For that reason, you’ll find our support unequaled in the industry. We work hard to keep you happy.  Four-year warranties, replacement gear if failures occur, free lifetime technical and software support, and the ability to remotely-access your system to help configure or troubleshoot are just a few examples of what we do to retain our customers.

If you would like more information, please call us at 888-707-4852 or fill out the contact form here.