BenchLinc™ Benchtop Inspection Systems

BenchLinc Systems

Spring-loaded chuck saves time and improves measurement accuracy.

True zero chuck resists maintenance problems and will not deform your product.

Software interface and features ease setup and provide important data collection and display options.

Versatile laser or ultrasonic systems, to meet your needs.

Off-Line Testing, On-Target Results

The BenchLinc™ series is a table-top part-inspection system consisting of a specialized fixture paired with a measurement device-laser or ultrasonic (or both). The hardware is controlled by LaserLinc's Total Vu™ software. The particular system depends on the application for which it is intended.

Software interfaces are available in two versions: BenchLinc and BenchLinc Pro.

Spring-Loaded Zero Chuck

With a spring-loaded chuck you can inspect any product with a round, oval, rectangular, hex, or convex shape. The chuck holds the part that is to be inspected. Software controls rotation of the part, enabling the system to perform a thorough, automated inspection of diameter and ovality-reducing error caused by human handling.

The spring-loaded chuck pairs with the TLAser122™, LaserLinc's fast and extremely accurate compact micrometer. Chucks are available in 0.5" (12.7mm) and 0.125" (3.17mm). The maximum size part for each is the stated size of the chuck. The minimum part size is the same as the minimum size for the TLAser122: .0015" (.038mm).

Click for a photo of the TLAser122 BenchLinc system and Total Vu screen shots.

Ultrasonic-Based BenchLinc

BenchLinc ultrasonic system (shown here: UltraGauge+ digital signal processor, ultrasonic sensor array, and Triton312 three-axis laser micrometer). Click photo for larger image.

With this fixture, based on the UltraGauge+, LaserLinc's ultrasonic measurement device, you can inspect cut-to-length metal tubing. The operator can position the tube manually at any location and at any angle. For operator ease-of-use, measurements can be triggered based on a push-button or a foot pedal.

To increase inspection speed and improve R&R, options for automatic feed, automatic sort, and automatic pick and place are available.

The fixture also incorporates a laser micrometer for OD measurement.

The UltraGauge+ system consists of a digital signal processor (DSP) and a transducer fixture; the DSP connects via Ethernet to a PC running Total Vu software. Total Vu is LaserLinc's proprietary measurement/data processing package.

Current measurement capabilities range from OD of 1.3mm/.05” to 19mm/.75" and wall thickness of .3mm/.011" to 6.35mm/.5", using transducer ranging from 10MHz to 30MHz and depending on the material involved.

BenchLinc Software Features

One-touch configuration simplifies setup process;

Up to two user-defined interfaces for operators to enter or select information about an order, the process, or the product, including manually-supplied measurements, or other details;

Tolerance checking, data logging, part and batch statistics, specifications for part measurements and maximum, minimum, average, and range statistics; trend charts, automatic data logging per product, built-in access to standard Total Vu software.

BenchLinc Pro software adds these great features:

Polar Chart creation;

Up to eight user-defined interfaces for operators to enter or select information about the order, the process, or the product, including manually-supplied measurements, or other details;

Produce electronic or printed reports based on Microsoft Excel templates;

Share one bench-top system among multiple lines and operators using concurrent batching. 

For more information, download the BenchLinc brochure pdf here.