LaserLinc Accessories

Calibration Fixtures

Maximize your micrometer’s accuracy with proper calibration procedures. LaserLinc’s easy-to-use calibration fixtures mount directly to the micrometer, resulting in perfect alignment of the calibration standards to the micrometer’s field of view.

To improve the accuracy of your micrometers even more, you can use multiple calibration standards.

Roller Guides

Roller guides can be mounted to a plate, a rail, the top of the gauge, or the throat of the gauge, whichever is the best way for an application to maintain product position within the measurement area. They can be static or have vertical and horizontal adjustability.

Range of widths accommodate small to large ODs with shapes to align round-, rectangular-, and oval-shaped products. Bearing grades determine alignment precision and are matched to the application.

Shown on right, top, top-mounted roller guides on a TLAser260 dual-axis micrometer, and bottom, throat-mounted roller guides on a TLAser122 single-axis micrometer.

More information is available on the roller guide page.

V-Block's are available for all LaserLinc micrometers.V-Blocks

V-Blocks hold a product while it is being measured. Using a V-block and a proper calibration reduces measurement error. A V-block also makes the measurement process simple and quick for the operator.

V-Blocks are available in stainless steel or Delrin (black or white). Shown here, fixed-position V-Block with a Triton™ 312 triple-axis laser micrometer.

air purges are available for all LaserLinc micrometers.Air Purge

A pressurized air purge system enables you to use clean, dry air to keep contaminants away from your micrometer’s window aperture. The addition of an air purge does not affect specifications and operation.

The picture shows a detail of an air purge and an air purge mounted to the TLAser122™ laser micrometer; air purges are available with all models.

Window Guards

Window guards protect micrometer windows from damage by flying debris such as metal shavings or the ends of wire or other metal as it passes through the measurement window.

Use will not affect gauge specifications and operation. The picture shows a TLAser2120™ laser micrometer; window guards are available for all models.

Laser Micrometer Mounting Fixtures

Standard and customizable fixtures offer flexibility, no matter the location.

Pictures show a Triton360™ triple-axis laser micrometer on an adjustable stand and a dual-mount adapter for two TLAser222™ dual-axis laser micrometers. Available but not shown: fixtures for mounting three gauges.

Tilt-Adjustable Laser Micrometer Fixture

The fixture rotates the micrometer around the centerline of the measurement field to maintaining a part in a relatively constant location in the field, even as the gauge is rotated..

Measure convoluted products or products with a helical outer profile. Fixtures can be static, vertically-adjustable, or vertically- and horizontally-adjustable.


LaserLinc offers a wide array of cabling to meet your specific needs. Each system includes an interface cable at the length needed to reach from the laser micrometer to the PC.

Optional cable lengths of 10', 50', 75', and 100' are offered in all cable configurations and longer lengths are possible. LaserLinc can custom-build your cables to connect multiple laser micrometers (even from multiple manufacturers) to one TLAser400 interface card.

Remote Power Supply/Cable Condenser Box

Certain micrometers from other manufacturers require voltages not provided by the PC. For some micrometers that do draw power from the host PC, the micrometer is too far from the host PC. A remote power supply box solves these problems.

Additionally, a cable condenser box can connect up to 4 micrometers to one TLAser400 interface card.