LaserLinc Accessories

Air Purgeair purges are available for all LaserLinc micrometers.

A pressurized air purge system enables you to use clean, dry air to keep contaminants away from your micrometer’s window aperture.

The picture shows an air purge mounted on the TLAser122™ laser micrometer; air purges are available with all models.

The addition of an air purge does not affect micrometer specifications.


LaserLinc offers a wide array of cabling to meet your specific needs. Each system includes a 25-foot interface cable to reach from the scan head to the PC.

Optional cable lengths of 10', 50', 75', and 100' are offered in all cable configurations and longer lengths are possible with an optional remote power supply.

LaserLinc can custom-configure your cables to connect multiple scan heads (even from multiple manufacturers) to one TLAser400 interface card.

Remote Power Supply/Cable Condenser Box

Certain micrometer s require DC voltages not provided in PCs. LaserLinc offers a remote power supply for non-standard voltages or extended cables lengths.

Additionally, a cable condenser box can connect up to 4 micrometer s to one TLAser400 interface card. Dimensions are 2"H x 6"W x 7"D. Weight is 1 lb.

V-BlocksV-Block's are available for all LaserLinc micrometers.

V-Blocks hold a product in place while it is being scanned. Using a V-Block can help reduce measurement errors related to placement of the object within the scan field.