TLAser400 Micrometer Interface Card

Install the TLAser400™ card with compatability modules in any standard PC, and monitor and control your product quality more efficiently!

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Micrometer Control And Line Monitoring With A Standard PC

With the introduction of LaserLinc's TLAser400™ micrometer interface card in 1996, you no longer needed to purchase separate measurement processing technology for each brand of laser micrometer on your line.

Instead, you can add compatibility modules that correspond to your micrometer to a TLAser400 card, insert the card into a computer’s PCI slot, and attach your micrometer cable to the card.

The result is greater flexibility and fast, accurate data-capture for much less cost than dedicated processors.

TLAser400 Card Specifications

Easy-to-install, plug-and-play PCI bus.

Operating system support for Windows XP and Windows 7.

Supports up to four laser micrometers per card.

For additional cost savings, multiple TLAser400 cards can be configured to control up to 16 micrometers from a single PC.

Compatibility modules are available for most micrometers on the market.

Each card supports up to four micrometers. By installing more than one card in any standard PC you can combine ups to 16 laser micrometers, creating an efficient and cost-effective quality-assurance system. The accompanying Total Vu™ software provides an easy-to-use, point-and-click graphical interface that you can tailor to fit the needs of your operators.

The TLAser400 card and Total Vu software provide measurement features that were unavailable with the basic processors that came with older micrometers. And since its inception, Total Vu has continued to advance, as we've added new features and capabilities, including FFT/SRL, OPC compatibility, and much more.

The TLAser400 micrometer interface card and Total Vu software also deliver total control over the configuration of multiple measurements on every scan for such dimensions as outside diameter, gaps, position, width, and thickness.

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