The Profile Vu™ Oscillating Laser Micrometer Fixture

100 Degrees of Product Inspection

The Profile Vu™ is a micrometer fixture that oscillates up to 100 degrees to allow in-process inspection of non-round products such as flat wire and zip-cord cables.

The fixture is particularly useful for applications in which a micrometer mounted in a fixed orientation cannot make accurate measurements because the orientation of the product is not constant. By rotating the micrometer, the Profile Vu can guarantee that the micrometer will see the true dimensions, for example, width and thickness. Measurement(s) of interest can be made from each clockwise sweep and each counter-clockwise sweep.

Users can mount to the Profile Vu one or two LaserLinc OD laser micrometers (up to 60 millimeters in size). Using three-axis micrometers (providing six-axes of inspection), the angle of rotation and the cycle-time required to identify the dimensions of interest are significantly reduced.

The fixture’s angle of rotation adjusts up to 100 degrees, and it completes a rotation of 100 degrees in four seconds. Speed and rotation are set by the user according to their application requirements. The angle of rotation is managed by Total Vu software.


Maximum OD measurement of 60mm.   

Communication link allows dynamic control of rotation angle and speed from within Total Vu software.

Improved mechanical design means no maintenance is required, even in harsh environments.

New motion controller with encoder feedback means precise control over angle of rotation.

Asymmetrical rotation can be configured to maximize measurement frequency even for irregular profiles.

Angle of rotation up to 100 degrees captures necessary measurements regardless of product orientation.

With the Zero Latency encoder option, the precise angle at which each dimension of interest was captured is available as a measurement. This information is critical in applications such as drawing of irregular shaped optical fiber. The Profile Vu system can correlate diameter (or other laser scanner measurement) with the angle of measurement, giving an accurate picture of the product.

The fixture can signal the host PC at each change of direction and when it completes a homing operation. Total Vu software can perform a user-configurable macro in response to each of these events, typically to report the maximum and/or minimum dimensions on the change of direction. The fixture may be sent to a user-specified angle and stop, or homed, on command by Total Vu software. Acceleration and deceleration can be programmed from a Total Vu attribute.

Profile Vu front (right) and back, on a stand, with Triton360 mounted (left); click for larger image.

Power requirements for the Profile Vu are 110 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz; the unit comes with a one year warranty.

The Zero Latency encoder input option is part of Total Vu software.

Click here for a Profile Vu brochure.